The Science Behind the Workout

The Studio 45 method is pilates-based, centered on high-intensity, low-impact movements. In classes of 11 people or less, we focus on giving you the most efficient workout possible in 45-minutes.


Efficient & Effective Total Body Conditioning

Experience the transformation in as little as 5 classes.

Let's get you the strongest body of your life - fast. Studio 45 classes are designed to maximize every minute. We guarantee a heart-pumping, muscle-aching, total body workout.

You don't need more time to work out, you need more intensity. Every move works multiple muscle groups, and some moves work as many as 600 muscles at once!

Intimidated? Don't be. We are here to guide you every step of the way. Our small class size of 11 people or less means you'll never get left behind. Our instructors will provide the individual feedback and attention needed to help you to be successful.

  • 45-min commitment
  • High-intensity cardiovascular endurance
  • Low-Impact to protect joints and prevent injury
  • Movements that increase full body strength
  • Burn 450-800 calories in one class
  • Beginners welcome! No previous experience required.

Revolutionary Benefits of a Studio 45 Workout

We want to help you create change and receive maximum results in the quickest time possible.


Build Strength & Lean Muscle

We use counter-resistance to push you to your limit. We train your muscles to a threshold of intensity that stimulates growth and endurance.


Improve Body Composition

Growing lean muscle, burning fat, and activating the slow-twitch muscle fibers are the basis of our method, resulting in improved body composition.


Stabilize Your Core To Reduce Injury

Your torso is your body's center of power. We focus primarily on strength and stability from the shoulders to the glutes to prevent injury and improve alignment.


Jumpstart Your Metabolism

You'll burn 450-800 calories in every class, and your body will continue to burn calories at a faster rate for hours after you leave the studio.


Increase Flexibility & Mobility

We work the muscle in its length to improve overall flexibility and mobility while increasing strength.


Boost Cardio Endurance

We'll have you working the entire 45-minutes to stimulate your cardiovascular system and improve respiratory endurance.


Improve Your Posture & Balance

Studio 45 workouts emphasize a stronger core and improved balance to improve your posture and functional strength.


Experience Mental Health Benefits

The positive class energy will lift your spirits, and you'll have a post-workout endorphin buzz to carry throughout your day.

Personal Space & Individual Attention

You'll have your own personal reformer machine for the duration of the workout, allowing you to workout in your own personal space but still benefit from the group energy and momentum.

We keep classes small (11 or less people) to ensure every member gets exactly what they need from the workout and the instructor can be attentive to your individual needs.

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Experience the Lagree M3 Megaformer

State-of-the-Art Fitness Machines Designed To Give You The Most Efficient and Effective Workout.

In each Studio 45 class, you'll workout on your own dedicated Lagree M3 Megaformer, a hybrid pilates reformer machine. The Megaformer allows your instructor to guide you through a full-body workout you'll quickly get addicted to.


More Versatility & Variety

The M3S Megaformer is designed for infinitely more exercise options than a traditional pilates reformer machine, allowing your instructor to bring even more variety to the class so you're never bored and we keep your muscles guessing.


Improve Strength, Balance, & Flexibility

Movements emphasize balance as much as strength and flexibility and work multiple muscle groups at a time. The result is improved functional strength for your everyday life.


Improved Mind-Body Connection

Each movement requires focus and concentration, resulting in increased mind-body connection and the creation of more neuromuscular pathways. Think of each Studio 45 class as an escape from whatever is on your mind outside of class.


Increased Time Under Tension

We leverage slow, controlled movements where reps are done as slowly as possible and keep the muscle under tension longer. By increasing demand on the muscles worked, you get better, quicker results.


Slow Reps, High-Intensity

Slower is harder. Without speed and momentum, you have to be more in control, your muscles have to work harder, and you get a higher intensity in each exercise.


Low-Impact to Prevent Injury

Most injuries take place when unexpected forces are encountered, therefore focusing on low-impact movements that require both strength and balance can help the body both prevent and heal from injuries, chronic back pain, and other issues.